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$1+ February Writeup: Pokemon SWSH Gloria Gym Uniform

Cosplaying Gloria was always the plan but when I realized that a gym uniform would be danceable, this cosplay went straight to the top for Tekko.

I assembled the costume from the following sources:

We got Ditto at a con several years back and he hangs out with me on the couch every day. He's a reference to the Ditto my Pokemon OC had (y'know, from when I was 11). I'm evolving her story now and I've decided she and her Ditto quit Team Rocket and now rehabilitate Pokemon who have fainted in the wild and hack into boxes where Pokemon are being ignored. Ditto can transform to communicate with the Pokemon and let the trainer know how best to treat them. This is all relevant because Gloria's default hair looks almost exactly like what my OC's looked like back in the day and I'll never be over it!

No wig for this one, by the way. I used my own hair in the "elegant updo" style from the game that would transition easily from all-day lessons into a formal gown. Been a minute since I used gel and hairspray in my own hair at a con, though, for sure!

Photos by (instagram).

$1+ February Writeup: Borrowing Hitomi Sagan AITSF

Forgetting I'd done some modification work and the wig for Hitomi made this the perfect costume to do a brief writeup on!

Wig: Arda Nina in CL-073A Cool Brown, cut and styled by me. Nabbed these rollers for added floof in styling.

Outfit: leggings of unknown origin, borrowed from Ali; sweater of unknown origin. Cut from a higher neckline and re-sewn to be more of a boatneck by me.


Headband from JoAnn, heat shaped to fit over the wig

Necklace pieces from JoAnn, edge sanded and assembled by me

Manaka's friendship bracelet made by me

Shoes are Naturalizer Women's Flexy Ballet Flat and they are SO comfortable even for my wide feet

Overall, Hitomi was expectedly very comfortable to wear! I'll have to restyle the wig shortly but other than that, no notes. She's great, highly recommended for a winter con!

Date Kaname: Feytaline (bought costume) / Date's Wig: Ligerscout (Twitter) / Date's Evolver: KiltedKatana (Twitter) / Photos by (instagram).

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