Sponsoring & Support

Welcome! I'm Trickssi (she/her), an Ohio-based artist expanding my work in cosplay, dance, and advocacy for the purpose of changing our community in effective, sustainable ways. Here's why you'll wanna support me in my endeavors!


If you're here, you're probably familiar with my journey from "bought-modify" cosplaying attendee to cosplay guest! If you're not, maybe you're here because you appreciate what my portrayals bring to the community. If you want to learn more about how I started cosplaying characters transformed by traumatic experiences, click here!

Even at tier $1 on my Patreon, I want to give you early access to writeups I create about cosplay builds that include specific materials, instructions for how I did wigs/makeup/specific patterns, and explanation of my inspiration for that cosplay. I'll update you on what cosplays are upcoming for what conventions/projects ($3+). I'll create exclusive posts during conventions like journal entries that show some behind-the-scenes moments I don't typically share ($5+). You'll even receive early access to videos I make while I'm in cosplay, which happens occasionally ($10+).

At the $20+ and $30+ tier, I can help coach you to prepare you for judging in craftsmanship competitions or even help you achieve the pose you want for your photos. Alternatively, I can help with simple wig styling, copyediting, or a similar 1-on-1 or offline collaboration ($50+).

Your support of my cosplay means I can think about investing in more DIY photo equipment should I decide to start shooting cosplays at home again, possibly a Cricut, education for potential 3D printing projects, and more! It also means I can afford to use the resources I want to use.


Since 2016, I've been hosting formal balls at anime conventions, providing social dance lessons and playlists that reflect my over 28 years of experience with dance and music. If you want to know about my inclusive dance philosophy as well as see my experience hosting formals and judging competitions, check out the dance section of my website!

On my Patreon, I want to share my playlists with you early and offer you the chance to have a song dedicated specifically to you during any formal ($2+). I want to update you about the cons where I'm hosting formal balls and give detailed lesson plans ($3+). You can even join a special channel on my formal ball Discord where the community can ask questions about whether a certain song you like is danceable, or suggest a soundtrack for me to listen to, in addition to general chitchat about dance ($5+). I want to give you access to a "danceable" music database that lists the details of tracks that can be used to practice your own dancing ($10+).

I'm also offering coaching, meaning, I watch or listen to your performances, whether they're dance, singing, or skits ($20+). That's interchangeable with receiving actual one-on-one dance lessons via Skype ($30+) or in person ($50+)! If performance isn't your forte but writing is, you can swap out any of these options for an equivalent amount of copyediting or another collaboration within my skill set.

Your support of my dance and performance interests helps me travel to new conventions to establish formal balls, funds essential technology for DJing such as the external music hard drive, and connect to other dancers and teachers throughout the country.


It's no secret that I founded the Cosplayer Survivor Support Network (CSSN) in 2016 as a result of my community's failed attempt to get results from the "Cosplay is not Consent" movement, as well as a result of feeling like I found my "calling" advocating for survivors of sexual assault. CSSN is a for-us, by-us group that advocates for safer convention atmospheres and policies.

You can follow my social media for free to see where I stand with issues of social justice, but if you're a $3+ tier patron, you can see more in-depth entries about upcoming conventions' CSSN panels, CSSN's general plans for the future, and a summary of any current issues in the community that are relevant and necessary for us to address. You'll also be able to see drafts of what I'm writing for CSSN, Uplift, or other community spaces to address topics like antiracism, how to be an effective bystander/helper, lifting up marginalized members of the convention community ($10).

Starting at the $10+ tier, you can swap out your Patreon rewards for a donation to CSSN in an effort to help us become a full 501(c)3. Once we accomplish that goal, those donations will be legally tax-deductible.

Your support of my advocacy does more than fund CSSN giveaway merch. It recognizes that the work advocates do for survivors of sexual assault is underestimated in intensity and often underpaid, if paid at all. It acknowledges that the journey I have in my own recovery is continual and worthwhile. And most importantly, it shows that you believe in my mission and vision for the future of convention!


If you're able to make a one-time gift, please consider visiting my Ko-Fi.

If you would like to sponsor another costume from my To-Do List, feel free to email me at contact@trickssi.com.

You can also help me out by following these links if you're planning to purchase anything from Arda Wigs or Moo.com. Every little bit matters!

Thank you so much for your time and contribution! I can't wait to continue to share my art with you.


Trickssi logo credit: Ashweez Cosplay

CSSN logo and graphic design credit: smzeldarules

Cosplay photographer credits L to R: endofcosplay / Sewing with Kenna / Eurobeat Kasumi / Final EVA Productions / Notsoprophoto Photography / BlizzardTerrak Photography / Iroun.Photos / Sewing with Kenna

Cosplay characters L to R: Boss from AI: The Somnium Files / Velvet Crowe from Tales of Berseria / Cinder Fall from RWBY / Judith "Sultry Tempest" from Tales of Vesperia / Mira from Zero Time Dilemma / Pellegri from Xenosaga / Seres from Tales of Berseria / Bellena from Skies of Arcadia

Dance photographer credits L to R: Morylaine / Feytaline / Reflex Productions / Fractali / Feytaline

Dance characters L to R: "Formal" Rize Kamishiro from Tokyo Ghoul / Zoya the Destroya from GLOW / not applicable / Rabura from Punchline / Diana from Zero Time Dilemma

Advocacy credits L to R: Feytaline / 8BIT Ambitions / endofcosplay / Feytaline / Fractali

Advocacy characters L to R: Luna from Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward / Presa from Tales of Xillia / Panther from Persona 5 / Nova from Tales of Xillia 2 / Popuko from Pop Team Epic

Jewelry: Mikey Does Cosplay

For further descriptions of costume credits if not made by me, please find the individual costume in my gallery.