Costume Writeups

Here, I'll be writing about why I chose to cosplay selected characters, as well as detailing any notable materials, techniques, and tutorials I used to create each cosplay. (In the case I'm wearing a bought or borrowed costume, I'll describe my process of styling wigs and makeup, or feature a fellow cosplayer.) Want to see these a month before they go live on the site? Sponsor me on my Patreon account for as little as $1.00/month—Sailor Velvet Crowe is April's feature!

Velvet Sailor

Tales of Berseria
April 2019
Joseph Fox Photography

Chichibu Rabura

March 2019
Greyroamer Photography

Velvet Orchestra

Tales of Berseria
February 2019
Photo: Blizzard Terrak

Kyanna (Lemon Cream)

January 2019
Photo: Cosfame


Skies of Arcadia
December 2018
Photo: Houkakyou


Virtue's Last Reward
Patron Exclusive
Photo: Madster Photography

Rokurou Summer DLC

Tales of Berseria
October 2018
Photo: Feytaline

Magilou Maid

Tales of Berseria
September 2018
Photo: Tomoyo

Velvet Anniversary

Tales of Berseria
August 2018
Photo: Niho


Bonus 2018
Photo: BlizzardTerrak

Judith Yukata

Tales of Vesperia
July 2018
Photo: JC Photos

Christmas Velvet

Tales of Berseria
June 2018
Photo: Eurobeat Kasumi

Velvet Crowe Wig

Tales of Berseria
Bonus 2018
Photo: Unlimited Crossroads


Zero Time Dilemma
May 2018
Photo: Grey Roamer Photography

Mira (Bloody)

Zero Time Dilemma
Bonus 2018
Photo: Notsoprophoto


Zero Time Dilemma
April 2018
Photo: Madster Cosplay and Photography

Lotus (Hazuki Kashiwabara)

999 / The Nonary Games
March 2018
Photo: Lionboogy (Lionel Lum)

Velvet Crowe

Tales of Berseria
Bonus 2018
Photo: Houkakyou

Cinder Fall

February 2018
Photo: Yenra


Tales of Zestiria
January 2018
Photo: CB Photography


Tales of Symphonia: DotNW
December 2017
Photo: Lionboogy (Lionel Lum)

Maid Milla

Tales of Xillia
November 2017
Photo: Notsoprophoto Photography


Tales of Xillia 2
October 2017
Photo: Burress Productions


Tales of Xillia 2
September 2017
Photo: Sometimes I Cosplay Photography

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