I'm passionate about changing the "formal ball/dance/event" community within the anime convention community to be a safer, more enjoyable, and more educational space. I want to teach lessons that accommodate every kind of dancer regardless of age, ability, experience, orientation/identity, partner acquisition, and any other factor that might hinder someone from enjoying dance elsewhere. At any event I host, I use my knowledge of BPM and movement sensitivity to craft a playlist that can be enjoyed by all.

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Biography and Philosophy

Learn a little more about my dance history and why hosting anime con formals is a passion of mine.

Past Playlists

Carefully selected playlists from previous events.

Current and Upcoming Events

Find out where I will be teaching dance or DJing next!

Dance Gallery

Images from previous events & workshops.

Recommended Guidelines

Guidelines and etiquette to keep others safe and comfortable

The Problem with "Prom"

Why we should move away from labeling dances as such.

Shoe Guide

A (mostly) comprehensive guide on appropriate shoes at formal balls.

Dress Code

An ideal dress code for formal balls.


Frequently asked questions about my events.


My collaborations with other instructors & cosplayers.


Not unlike the song from Broadway's Chicago, I can't do it alone!

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