In addition to my cosplay, in November of 2016, I founded the Cosplayer Survivor Support Network (CSSN), a by-us, for-us organization for members of the community who are survivors of harassment, trauma, sexual assault, or abuse.

We assess the harassment policies of conventions, offer links to resources, provide advice on how to help the community & survivors, and provide articles on topics relevant to the con community.


A comprehensive collection of my cosplay photographs.


Videos in which I am featured.

Costume Writeups

More detailed info on some of my costumes, given first to supporters on Patreon.

Cosplayer Survivor Support Network

Resources, articles, support, and more for anyone who has been harassed, stalked, abused, or sexually assaulted, serving but not limited to the cosplay population.


Complete history and "wish list."

Current & Upcoming Events

Find out which convention I'll be attending next!

"Cosplay Is Not Consent" Is Not Enough

Why it isn't sufficient and how it can be improved.

Featured Artists

Learn a little more about the artists I've worked with.


Current goal: new laptop for presentations/hosting formals