My experience in dance, vocal, and theatrical performance build a strong foundation for judging masquerade competitions. See my CV for a full history of anime convention event participation history.

If you would like me to participate in programming or guesting at your next convention or event, please send an email to with the name of your event, the date and location of the event, and details of your offer. A sample contract rider for my participation can be found here. It's part of my philosophy that my being a guest is contingent on the convention having a harassment policy/code of conduct that meets or exceeds the standards presented here at the Cosplayer Survivor Support Network.

I am available for the following programming and am open to other collaborations:

Teaching 1-2 hour ballroom dance lessons tailored to your event needs, including multiple sessions on multiple days.
Accessible dance lessons for individuals who need quieter and less crowded spaces to learn.
Compiling a playlist for DJing formal balls/dances that accommodates what students learn in a typical lesson and complies with BPM standards for competitive and social dancing in American and International styles of dancesport.
Solo hosting formal balls/dances up to 3 hours in length, including making announcements, leading line dances, creating a companion slide presentation to match the song list, and DJing.
Co-hosting formal balls/dances up to 6 hours in length.
Judging masquerade & dance performances.
Emceeing main events such as masquerades, formal balls/dances, opening/closing ceremonies, and Q&A sessions.
Hosting panels and workshops related to social partner dance, education on community safety with a focus on antiharassment, accessibility and inclusivity in community spaces, cosplay tips and tricks, the Cosplayer Survivor Support Network, and Q&As related to my experiences.
Showcase dance performance on a prepared stage or floating floor, solo or with partner.
VIP meet and greet.