My experience in dance, vocal, and theatrical performance build a strong foundation for judging masquerade competitions. See my CV for a full history of anime convention event participation history.

If you would like me to participate in programming or guesting at your next convention or event, please send an email to with the name of your event, the date and location of the event, and details of your offer. It's part of my philosophy that my being a guest is contingent on the convention having a harassment policy/code of conduct that meets or exceeds the standards presented here at the Cosplayer Survivor Support Network.

I am available for the following programming and am open to other collaborations:

A Note About Experience: While I can judge your cosplay contest, I want to make it transparent that I have not competed personally beyond the Novice level. I do sew a large portion of my own costumes and have Journeyman to just under Master level skills. If you're considering me to judge your contest and you would like to see proof of skill, I'll be happy to provide close-up photos of the costume of your choice from the last year as well as references that can vouch if you're unable to come see the costumes in person.

I'm fully aware that some people perceive judging contests without having competed Master to be "cheating" or in some way being dishonest about my skill or ability to judge—this is not so. My experience, as laid out in my CV, is more in the realm of the Arts and performance, which does involve no small amount of critique and evaluation. That is my strength; I know I'm better suited to judge skits, dances, and vocalists by experience than cosplay.

If you decide to book me as a cosplay judge, know that this is what you're getting into!