Curriculum Vitae

I'm a cosplayer, formal dance coordinator, and founder/executive director of the Cosplayer Survivor Support Network. My passions are creating inclusive support and protection for vulnerable populations and teaching ballroom dance within the anime convention community. I'm from Ohio and I make costumes, wigs, and props both solo and with my family at Trimeriad Cosplay since 2014. My pronouns are she/her.

Headshot by Robert Tate Photography.

Guested/Staffed Conventions

I can bring a wide range of content to your event, including running formal dances, teaching lessons, presenting panels, judging performances, and emceeing events.

Image: Boss from AI: Somnium Files | End of Cosplay Photography.

Booking Information

Convention Years Guested/Staffed Content Provided
Anime Crossroads February 2020 Judging, dance, panels.
Fanime 2019-Present DJ-ing, dance lessons, panels.
Sangawa Project December 2019 Judging, dance, panels.
Tekko April 2019 (Guest);
2021-Present (Staff)
Judging, dance, panels.
Aselia Con March 2019 Judging, dance, panels.
Greensburg Anime Festival September 2017 Judging, dance, panels.

Awards and Recognitions

I learned a lot about competing with this costume because it was my first time and I hadn't actually planned to compete until I showed up at the con. And I still won novice! It was a lovely experience.

Image: Lotus from 999/The Nonary Files | Cerulean Photography.

Full Portfolio

Convention Award/Recognition Cosplay/Event
Tekko (2022) Panels in Tekko Gakkou Psychology in Danganronpa (GD/KH);
Trauma in the "Zero Escape" Series.
Tekko (2021) Featured Panelist with Panel in Tekko Gakkou Psychology in Danganronpa (THH/UDG)
Maple Gel Con (2020) "Aselia Rep" Award (Hallway Cosplay Contest) Seres
Tekko (2019) "Great Cosplay!" Ribbon Zoya
Tekko (2018) Featured Panelist with Panel in Tekko Gakkou Trauma in the "Tales of" Series
Fanime (2017) Social Dancer Award Black & White Ball
The Fan's P.O.V. (2017) Nominated for Best Female Cosplay Cinder Fall
The Fan's P.O.V. (2016) Nominated for Best Selfie with Ernie Cinder Fall
Otakon (2016) "Otakon Loves This Cosplay" Ribbon Lotus
Shumatsucon (2016) Best Novice Craftsmanship Lotus


My experience in dance, vocal, and theatrical performance provides a strong foundation for judging masquerade competitions and emceeing events. If you join my Patreon, I have tiers offering dancing, singing, and acting coaching for those who want to compete.

Image: Cinder Fall from RWBY | Yenra.

Full Convention History

Convention Year Position
Anime Crossroads 2020 Dance Showcase Judge
Masquerade Judge
Sangawa Project 2019 Guest Judge for Cards Against Humanity
Cosplay Judge
Iron Cosplay Judge
Cosplay Battle Royale Emcee
Cosplay Clean-Up Emcee
Nyancon 2019 Guest Judge for Cards Against Humanity
Matsuricon 2019 Judge/Demonstrator for Jez Roth's "Lip Sync for Your Cosplay"
Greensburg Anime Festival 2017 Cosplay Sempai & Cosplay Judge
Tekko 2016 Masquerade Judge


I studied ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, dancesport, modern, Bollywood, and master classes in tribal bellydance and burlesque for over twenty-five years. I've been teaching ballroom styles for over eleven years. My goal is to encourage qualified dance instructors and social dancers across the country to work together to improve events so that regardless of who hosts the event, it has a viable, sustainable, and inclusive legacy.

Image: Rise from Tokyo Ghoul | Morylaine, featuring Benjamin Wright-Heuman.

Dance Resources

Convention Year(s) Content Provided
Anime Crossroads 2020 Formal Dance DJ, Dance Teacher
MAGFest 2020, 2023 Assistant Dance Teacher w/Latin Dancing for Nerds, Dance Teacher for Foxtrot/Swing
Tekko 2019- Formal Dance DJ, Dance Teacher
Aselia Con 2019 Formal Dance DJ, Dance Teacher
Fanime 2019- Decompression Dance DJ, Dance Teacher, Staff for Black & White Ball
Colossalcon East 2017-2018 Formal Dance DJ, Dance Teacher
Otakon 2017 Dance Teacher
Maple Gel Con 2017-2019 Formal Dance DJ, Dance Teacher
Greensburg Anime Festival 2017 Dance Teacher
Colossalcon 2017-2018 Formal Dance DJ, Dance Teacher
Ohayocon 2017- Formal Dance DJ, Dance Teacher
Matsuricon 2016-2019 Formal Dance DJ, Dance Teacher
Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society Gala 2016-2017 Formal Dance DJ, Dance Teacher, Showcase Performance in 2017 (video available here)
Katsucon 2015-2016 Dance Teacher


I'm always open to talking about issues of abuse and harassment in the community and discussing the Cosplayer Survivor Support Network.

Logo by Ashweez Cosplay.

Featured Cosplay Videos

Title Date Outlet
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Harassment in Cosplay February 2022 Chelle Belle Cosplay
Accessibility and Safety in Nerd Spaces April 2021 Comfy Cozy Cast
The "CON"versations Roundtable (Moderator) - Part 2 August 2020 Big Gold Belt Media
The "CON"versations Roundtable (Moderator) July 2020 Big Gold Belt Media
Polly Interviews International Cosplayer Trickssi! July 2020 The Sockscast
Cosplayer Feature June 2020 Cosplay in America
Cosplayer Redefines Harassment February 2020 Indiana University
Interview with Trickssi & the Cosplayer Surivivor Support Network July 2019 The Horror Show with Brian Keene
Cosplay Feature July 2019 La Guarida de la Cosplay
Interview with Cosplayer Survivor Support Network March 2019 CosPod Podcast
Anime Conventions Get Their MeToo Movement January 2019 Kotaku
Ohayocon Consent Town Hall (Participant) January 2019 Dating Advice Girl
Cosplayer Survivor Support Network Feature June 2018 Hero Club's Cosplay Cafe
Cosplay Feature June 2018 Hero Club's Cosplay Cafe
Interview February 2018 Columbus Dispatch


The Cosplayer Survivor Support Network (CSSN) is a by-us, for-us organization for members of the community who are survivors of harassment, trauma, sexual assault, or abuse. We assess the harassment policies of conventions, offer links to resources, provide advice on how to help the community & survivors, and provide articles on topics relevant to the con community.

Image: CSSN logo by SaraMo Designs.

Cosplayer Survivor Support Network

Organization Year(s) Position
National Organization for Victim Assistance 2021- Member
Uplift 2017- Conventions Team Volunteer
Uplift & Tekko 2017 Collaborator on convention harassment policy
Cosplayer Survivor Support Network (CSSN) 2016- Founder, Executive Director, Secretary to the Board