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Trickssi has been dancing since she was three and spent eight years teaching ballroom styles. She's passionate about changing the "formal ball/dance/event" community within the anime convention community to be a safer, more enjoyable, and more educational space, to accommodate every kind of dancer regardless of age, ability, experience, orientation/identity, partner acquisition, and any other factor that might hinder someone from enjoying dance elsewhere. Here you can find past playlists, information on dance lessons, and dance resources.

Photo by Feytaline.


Here you can find information on Trickssi's active and previous panels, covering such topics as trauma and mental illness portrayals in anime and video games, consent and harassment in the cosplay community, and dance. In between hosting panels, coordinating photoshoots, emceeing events, and judging masquerade and dance contests, she has years of experience in contributing to successful conventions.

Photo: Robert Tate Photography.

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