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Title Date Outlet
The Ongoing Struggle to Prevent Harassment at Comic Cons February 2022 Allure
Harassment in Cosplay February 2022 Chelle Belle Cosplay
Accessibility and Safety in Nerd Spaces April 2021 Comfy Cozy Cast
The "CON"versations Roundtable (Moderator) - Part 2 August 2020 Big Gold Belt Media
The "CON"versations Roundtable (Moderator) July 2020 Big Gold Belt Media
Polly Interviews International Cosplayer Trickssi! July 2020 The Sockscast
Cosplayer Feature June 2020 Cosplay in America
Famous Cosplayer Redefines Harassment February 2020 Indiana University
Interview with Trickssi & the Cosplayer Surivivor Support Network July 2019 The Horror Show with Brian Keene
Cosplay Feature July 2019 La Guarida de la Cosplay
Interview with Cosplayer Survivor Support Network March 2019 CosPod Podcast
Anime Conventions Get Their MeToo Movement January 2019 Kotaku
Ohayocon Consent Town Hall (Participant) January 2019 Dating Advice Girl
Cosplayer Survivor Support Network Feature June 2018 Hero Club's Cosplay Cafe
Cosplay Feature June 2018 Hero Club's Cosplay Cafe

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