Curriculum Vitae

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Awards and Recognitions

Greensburg Anime Festival 2017 Cosplay Sempai & Cosplay Judge
Fanime 2017 Social Dancer Award
Tekko 2017 Masquerade Judge
Nominated for Best Female Cosplay (Cinder Fall) and Best Selfie with Ernie - 2016 The Fan's P.O.V.
Shumatsucon 2016 Best Novice Craftsmanship for Lotus (999 / The Nonary Games)


Trickssi since 2014
Trimeriad Cosplay since 2014


Studied ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, dancesport, modern, Bollywood, and master classes in tribal bellydance and burlesque (25+ years)

Teacher for the following formal ball events: DJ for the following formal ball events: Teacher for the following convention dance workshops: Showcase performances:

Cosplayer Survivor Support Network (CSSN) - Founder, Editor-in-chief, Columnist (2016-)
Collaborator with Uplift (Tekko 2017)
Volunteer with Uplift's conventions team (2017-)