Past Playlists

Date Convention Event
May 2019 Fanime Decompression Dance
April 2019 Tekko Formal Ball
March 2019 Aselia Con Formal Ball
January 2019 Ohayocon Fantasy Ball
September 2018 ColossalCon East Formal Ball
August 2018 Matsuricon Formal Ball
June 2018 Maple Gel Con Masquerade Ball
June 2018 ColossalCon Formal Ball
January 2018 Ohayocon Fantasy Ball
October 2017 Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society Gala Ghoulish Masquerade
September 2017 ColossalCon East Welcome to the Ballroom Workshop
August 2017 Matsuricon Formal Ball
June 2017 Maple Gel Con Formal Ball
June 2017 ColossalCon Formal Ball
January 2017 Ohayocon Formal Ball
September 2016 Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society Gala Ouran Gala
August 2016 Matsuricon Formal Ball

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