Formal Ball
March 2019 @ Aselia Con
Play Time: Approximately 2 hours.
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Song Artist if not OST What It's From Recommended Dance Style
Presea Tales of Symphonia Waltz
Forest of the Treant Tales of Phantasia Viennese Waltz
Jini Tales of Eternia Foxtrot
The Bridge That Connects the Worlds Tales of Xillia 2 Waltz
Magilou, the great sorceress Tales of Berseria Swing
待ち合わせは噴水広場で Tales of Legendia Tango
A Snowscape Tales of Destiny Waltz Mixer
Silent Melancholy Stella Glow Viennese Waltz
I Want to Protect You ~White Wishes~ Tales of Graces American Rumba
A City of Another Civilization Tales of Xillia Foxtrot
An Approaching Menace Tales of Vesperia Tango
Progress Ayumi Hamasaki Tales of Xillia 2 Hustle
Sophie Tales of Graces Waltz
Too Many Cooks Adult Swim Swing Mixer
Holy City of Prinseur Tales of Hearts R Rumba
Tales of Berseria Tales of Berseria Waltz
Macarena Los del Rio Line Dance
Fighting of the Spirit Tales of Phantasia Swing
Casino Tales of the Abyss Foxtrot
Empezo la fiesta Yoko La Japonesa Salsera Salsa
Zavied, the Wanderer Tales of Zestiria Tango
Money (That's What I Want) Cheryl K/Awkwafina Crazy Rich Asians Swing
Almavivo Yuri!!! on ICE International Rumba -> Salsa
You Only Live Once Yuri!!! on ICE Hustle
The Grocer's Village Tales of the Abyss Waltz
All Star Smash Mouth Hustle
Aviators OCRemix by Dhsu Tales of Phantasia Foxtrot
Time Warp Rocky Horror Picture Show Line Dance
Three-Legged Race Tales of Symphonia:
Dawn of the New World
A Promise in the Moonlight Tales of Link Night Club 2 Step
Urugiri no yuyoke / Theatre Brook Duradura! Swing
Farah Tales of Eternia Cha Cha
Cupid Shuffle DJ Cupid Line Dance
Costa del Sol Final Fantasy XIV American Rumba
Baby Shark Megamix Pop Culture Rumba/Merengue/Hustle
SMB Salsa Super Mario Brothers Salsa
Tokyo Polka Hatsune Miku's Ievan Polka Line Dance

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