Formal Ball
August 2017 @ Matsuricon
Play Time: Approximately 2 hours.
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Song Artist if not OST What It's From Recommended Dance Style
Vito's Waltz The Godfather Waltz
Devilman Rasmus Faber - Platina Jazz Devilman Quickstep/Swing
I Want to Protect You Tales of Graces Rumba
Seikan Hikou Rasmus Faber - Platina Jazz Foxtrot
SMB Salsa Super Mario Bros. Remix Salsa
To Zanarkand Final Fantasy X Line (Snowball, Waltz)
Yurumikitta Kannou no Dance Baccano! OST Tango
You Only Live Once Yuri on ICE Hustle
Paris Yuuhi Nodame Cantabile Waltz
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Rasmus Faber - Platina Jazz Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Rumba
Katamari on the Swing Katamari Damacy Quickstep/Swing
Miracle Girl Miracle Girls Foxtrot
Peace Reigns in the Land Kare Kano Cha Cha
Sunset Waltz Final Fantasy XV Waltz
Time Warp The Rocky Horror Picture Show Line
Megalovania Elevator Jazz Eternal Sushi Undertale (Remix) Rumba
Last Surprise Persona 5 Tango
Magilou, the great sorceress Tales of Berseria Quickstep/Swing
Dawnwood Park HuniePop Foxtrot
Sobakasu Platina Jazz Rurouni Kenshin Quickstep/Swing
Bluebird Lamentation Zero Time Dilemma Waltz
Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There Persona 5 Hustle
A Quick Pit Stop Final Fantasy XV Line (Snowball, Swing)
Cruel Angel's Thesis Evangelion Merengue
HELLO, VIFAM Ginga Hyouryuu Vifam Foxtrot
Theme of Shop The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Rumba
Train Train Fallout 4 Quickstep/Swing
Cupid Shuffle Traditional Ballroom Line
Raison d'etre Traditional Ballroom Waltz
Carmen' Habanera Princess Tutu Tango
I'm Going to Shenzhen Traditional Ballroom Cha Cha
Wo Qui Non Coin Cowboy Bebop Rumba
Yo pumpkin head Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts Quickstep/Swing
You Make Me Cool Cowboy Bebop Foxtrot
Moonlight Densetsu Sailor Moon Salsa
Macarena Traditional Ballroom Line
Chihiro's Waltz Spirited Away Waltz

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