Formal Ball
June 2018 @ Maple Gel Con
Play Time: Approximately 3 hours.
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Song Artist if not OST What It's From Recommended Dance Style
The Grocer's Village Tales of the Abyss Viennese Waltz
Brilliant Life, Rising Life Tales of Vesperia Rumba
Empty Street Tales of Xillia 2 Foxtrot
Tales of Berseria Tales of Berseria Waltz
Flaming Bonds are Being Tested Tales of Zestiria Tango
I Want to Protect You Tales of Graces American Rumba
To Zanarkand Final Fantasy X Waltz Mixer
I feel so happy today Tales of Destiny Swing
You Make Me Cool Yoko Kanno Cowboy Bebop Foxtrot
Desert Flower OCRemix by Usa Tales of Symphonia
Farah Tales of Eternia Tango
Pascal's Theme Tales of Graces Swing
Wo Qui Non Coin Yoko Kanno Cowboy Bebop American Rumba
Presea Tales of Symphonia Waltz
Miracle Girl Platina Jazz Miracle Girls Foxtrot
Last Surprise Persona 5 Tango
Tonari no Totoro Platina Jazz My Neighbor Totoro Swing
Sophie Tales of Graces Waltz
Don't Say You Love Me M2M Pokemon: The First Movie International Rumba
Tokyo Polka Traditional Ballroom Line Dance
Ancient spirit Tales of Rebirth Waltz
Kiss the Girl Disney's The Little Mermaid American Rumba
One Jump Disney's Aladdin Swing
Once Upon a December Don Bluth's Anastasia Viennese Waltz
待ち合わせは噴水広場で Tales of Legendia Tango
Spirit of Adventure Disney/Pixar's Up Foxtrot
Zelos - Serious Arrange OCRemix by Mythril Nazgul Tales of Symphonia Hustle/Cha Cha
Magilou the great sorceress Tales of Berseria Swing
Theme of Shop Legend of Zelda American Rumba
Lon Lon Ranch Legend of Zelda Waltz
A Link to the Past OCRemix by Guz Legend of Zelda Foxtrot
Katamari on the Swing Katamari Damacy Swing
Avenger-Richter Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Tango
Moonlight Densetsu Sailor Moon Salsa
RAKUGO blues Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu Foxtrot
Sugar Rush AKB48 Wreck-It Ralph Swing
Progress Ayumi Hamasaki Tales of Xillia Hustle/Cha Cha
It Is You Shrek Waltz
Shake Señora Beetlejuice Merengue/Conga Line Dance
Devilman Platina Jazz Devilman Swing
Fly Me to the Moon Neon Genesis Evangelion American Rumba
A City of Another Civilization Tales of Xillia Foxtrot
You Only Live Once Yuri!!! on ICE Hustle/Cha Cha
Eyes on Me Final Fantasy VIII American Rumba
Ballad of the Goddesses Legend of Zelda Viennese Waltz
Casino Tales of the Abyss Swing
Thriller Tony Succar, Kevin Ceballo Unity: The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson Salsa
Chihiro's Waltz Spirited Away Waltz
I2I Disney's A Goofy Movie Hustle/Cha Cha
While My Guitar Gently Weeps Regina Spektor Kubo and the Two Strings Night Club Two Step
An Approaching Menace Tales of Vesperia Tango
White Light Tales of Zestiria Night Club Two Step
Cha Cha Slide (Percolator) Line Dance

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