Formal Ball
June 2019 @ Maple Gel Con
Play Time: Approximately 3 hours.
If you attended this event and wish to provide feedback, you can fill out the form here.
Your response may be posted on my reviews page. Trickssi was unable to attend the con in 2019 but provided the playlist. Thanks to Madelaine and Brant for running the ball!

Song Artist if not OST What It's From Recommended Dance Style
Tales of Berseria Tales of Berseria Waltz
Forest of the Treant Tales of Phantasia Viennese Waltz
A Snowscape (Extended) Tales of Destiny Waltz Mixer
Farah Tales of Eternia Tango
Three Legged Race Tales of Symphonia Swing
Adventure in the Shore Tales of Graces Rumba
Proof of Choice Tales of Xillia 2 Waltz
Gadgeto Tango Inspector Gadget Tango
Zelos - Serious Arrange OCRemix by Mythril Nazgul Tales of Symphonia Hustle
A City of Another Civilization Tales of Xillia
Pleasant Intrigue Tales of Vesperia Rumba
Minami's Boogie Yuri!!! on ICE Swing Mixer
Forest of Thorns' Beauty Tales of Hearts R Night Club 2 Step
Simple and Clean Plantib (Remix) Kingdom Hearts Hustle
Magilou, the great sorceress Tales of Berseria Swing
Silent Night Tales of Destiny Waltz
I Want to Protect You ~White Wishes~ Tales of Graces American Rumba
Cha Cha Slide DJ Casper Line Dance
Bluebird Lamentation Zero Time Dilemma Waltz
Introducing the Idols Tales of Link Hustle
Brilliant Life, Rising Light Tales of Vesperia Rumba
Chiisana Inori Fruits Basket Viennnese Waltz
Hold Me Now Carole & Tuesday Swing
Time Warp Rocky Horror Picture Show Line Dance
An Approaching Menace Tales of Vesperia Tango
Sophie Tales of Graces Waltz
Last Surprise (Jazztronik Remix) Persona 5: Dancing Star Night Hustle
White Light Tales of Zestiria Night Club 2 Step
Game of Thrones Theme DJ Ice Game of Thrones Tango
The Math of Love Triangles Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Swing
Soul Bossa Nova Austin Powers Rumba
Salsa Tetris ConSoul Tetris Salsa
Everybody Wants to Be a Cat Charles Perry Aristocats Foxtrot
All Star Smash Mouth Hustle
Bright Moonlite Night Tales of Phantasia Waltz
September Earth, Wind, and Fire Hustle
Sandstorm (Accordion Version) Accordian Quartet of Accordian Orchestra Munich Tango
Too Many Cooks Adult Swim Swing
The Grocer's Villiage Tales of the Abyss Viennese Waltz
Starry Heavens Tales of Symphonia Hustle
SHINOBI Life Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Rumba
Midna's Lament The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Waltz
Cupid Shuffle DJ Cupid Line Dance
Can You Feel the Love Tonight The Lion King Night Club 2 Step
待ち合わせは噴水広場で Tales of Legendia Tango
Pascal's Theme Tales of Graces Swing
Don't You Worry Bout a Thing Sing! Cha Cha/Free Dance
Progress Ayumi Hamasaki Tales of Xillia Hustle
Empty Street Tales of Xillia Hustle
Jurassic Park Rumba Jurassic Park Rumba
Sweet Caroline Neil Diamond Swing
A Promise in the Moonlight Tales of Link Night Club 2 Step
Baby Shark Megamix Pop Culture Rumba/Merengue/Hustle
Macarena Los del Rio Line Dance

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