Formal Ball
April 2019 @ Tekko
Play Time: Approximately 2 hours.
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Song Artist if not OST What It's From Recommended Dance Style
Primrose Octopath Traveler Viennese Waltz
You Make Me Cool Yoko Kanno + the Seatbelts Cowboy Bebop Foxtrot
Chihiro's Waltz Spirited Away Waltz
Tango Maureen Rent Tango
Zelda Mix The Legend of Zelda Waltz Mixer
As the World Falls Down David Bowie Labyrinth Night Club 2 Step
Chuusana Inori Fruits Basket Viennese Waltz
Eyes on Me Faye Wong Final Fantasy VIII Rumba
Tokyo Polka Hatsune Miku Line Dance
Urugiri no yuyoke/Theatre Brook Durarara! Swing
Time Warp Rocky Horror Picture Show Line Dance
Sunset Waltz Final Fantasy XV Waltz
Too Many Cooks Adult Swim Swing Mixer
La Cumparsita Welcome to the Ballroom Tango
Let's Pop Together Pop Team Epic Hustle
Smells Like Teen Spirit Paul Anka Foxtrot
Wobble V.I.C Line Dance
Tequila The Champs Salsa
Mambo Number Five Lou Bega Swing
Fly Me To the Moon Evangelion Rumba
Macarena Los del rio Line Dance
Masochism Tango Tom Lehrer Tango
I2I A Goofy Movie Hustle
Katamari on the Swing Katamari Damacy Swing
Schmetterling Tokyo Ghoul Waltz
Kiss the Girl The Little Mermaid Rumba
September Earth Wind & Fire Hustle
Short Skirt, Long Jacket Cake Cha Cha
Cupid Shuffle DJ Cupid Line Dance
The Time Has Come (Pikachu's Goodbye) Marti Lebow Pokémon Night Club 2 Step
Hamster Dance Pop Culture Hustle
Last Surprise Persona 5 Tango
Moonlight Densetsu Sailor Moon Salsa
Build Me Up Buttercup The Foundations Swing
Cha Cha Slide DJ Casper Line Dance
Chou (Butterfly) Tsukiko Amano Fatal Frame II International Rumba
Star Wars Hustle Star Wars Hustle
Tonari no Totoro My Neighbor Totoro Swing
Bluebird Lamentation Zero Time Dilemma Waltz
I Do Ghost in the Shell:
Stand Alone Complex
Night Club 2 Step

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