Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know how to dance!

There will be dance lessons provided prior to the Formal Ball. Time and venue TBD. Lessons will include dances like waltz, rumba, tango, single-step swing, and others (time permitting). All levels of experience are welcome! You don't need to be wearing formalwear or shoes for lessons. You also don't need a partner, as we will rotate. The instructor is also the dj for the Formal, so you'll be able to use what you learned in class at the ball, and may even recognize some of the songs!

Can you play this song for me? I really like dancing to it.

You are welcome to submit song requests before an event if there's something you'd like to hear. Please note that these playlists are often finalized at least a month in advance! Also, please keep in mind that not all songs are suitable for social ballroom dancing; they're subject to relative ranges of BPM (beats per minute). If you suggest a well-researched style of dance for the song you submit, it's more likely to be chosen, whereas if you request something that doesn't match any ballroom/Latin/club partner dance style, it probably won't make it on the list.

I liked that one song! What was the name of it?

After any event I host, the playlist you heard will be published on this site (in the past playlists section), and I'll cross-post it on social media as well.

I don't like the songs that are being played. What do I do?

I account for ten or more styles of ballroom dance as well as contemporary line dances at any event I host, to provide a mix of music styles. Additionally, most of the songs are derived from Japanese anime, gaming, or pop culture. If you come to one of my events expecting to hear forty "Once Upon a Decembers," you're going to be disappointed. (And I recommend visiting a Viennese Waltz ball!) Trust my degree in music and extensive experience in ballroom dance—I'm giving you the best musical experience for the most people at a time that I can! If the event is not for you, you are welcome to leave with no hard feelings.

I want to propose to my significant other at your event! What should I do?

First of all, while I'm honored that you thought of my event, I want you to know that there's some etiquette to be aware of regarding proposals. You should not, under any circumstance, plan a surprise proposal at one of my events without speaking to me about it first. Each formal dance event is carefully crafted to the minute with music and announcement allotment and an undiscussed proposal can disrupt the event significantly. This is not just YOUR proposal if you choose to share it with the attendees; it's THEIR time as well.

I do require everyone who asks about proposing to ensure with 100% certainty that their S.O. will say yes, and to provide me with proof that there was a serious conversation about marriage. Surprise public proposals where the proposee has no idea about the proposer's intentions are coercive and unfair to everyone. If someone feels like they can't or shouldn't say "no" to something that is life-altering due to social pressure from a public proposal, that's not a "yes." If you can't provide proof as described above, I will decline your request.

However, if you plan ahead with me, we can set aside a special time to make your announcement, and I can even work with you to pick out a special song. Thank you for understanding!

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