October Writeup

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Hi, all! While I was going through old photos to see if I had any more writeups I could make, I stumbled upon a few that I thought I might have deleted forever. I'm really glad I hadn't! The first of those will be Azami from Hatoful Boyfriend. This is almost a full writeup, but because I didn't make the costume from scratch, I'm putting it in the accessory/wig format.

Thanks again for your support and I hope you enjoy my findings!

What they're from Hatoful Boyfriend (Video Game)
Variation Human Version
Made March 2016
Debuted Anime Boston 2016
Group N/A—I no longer associate with the group, nor do I want to.


This was a Arda Wig possibly Inigo in Pure White (CL-083) For whatever reason, although most of her wig is dark, I decided to dye a pure white wig to leave a white bang in front. Now, normally that's not a problem; normally there are other ways to do this, like splicing wigs together. But I had it in my mind that I'd dye the wig. I sectioned it off, dip dyed it on the stove, and then managed to not seal it correctly. The dye rubbed off gray particles on EVERYTHING, and the wig has since been quarantined! When I wear Azami again, I will need to either fix this one or scrap it.

Bought or borrowed source

I purchased the gray coat from eBay, but for whatever reason I can't find the confirmation email! Regardless, it was a man's coat, and the wife left a really nice letter with the shipment. I felt a little bad that my intentions were to bastardize the thing with highly faked kanji, but let's think of it more as keeping the coat moving along its journey. I also had to attach bias tape (lol thanks Tales Of for teaching me how to do this) to the collar. Lastly, I tried my best to recreate the kanji on the coat by using mixtures of white, pink, and yellow fabric paint. While I wasn't able to identify the figures perfectly, I did the best I could to guess at what the stroke orders might be. The notes on the costume were too vague to do right by the actual calligraphy, so I do apologize if it's sloppy or incorrect!

I believe the shorts were originally made from pants, and the white string top was either thrifted or a cheap in-store purchase. Unknown origin there. The shoes were a great Amazon find. The first time I ordered them, the package got lost, so I actually had to order them again. Months later, the lost package miraculously made its way back to me, so if you're about a size 8 and want twinning shoes, I've got a pair I'm looking to give to a good home! The pink gloves were from Dick's. If I had to do this costume all over again, I would choose to make the gloves myself. However, I was so strapped for time that I stopped at the store on the way home JUST to get the gloves for the con. That was... a wild time, to say the least! The belt I honestly don't remember making. I'm fairly sure I just bought a plain belt and painted it myself, but I have no idea where it came from.

What parts I made

Coincidentally for the current times, I did actually make the face mask. It's intentionally small to make my face look more petite and birdlike. I also made the sakura flower armband, which has excellent and clean lines from the freezer paper method of fabric painting. Pretty proud of that! The necklace I believe I glued together from several different jewelry findings and charms, and then painted over it. It's not bad; it's supposed to be an octopus and I think I succeeded. If I had to do it again, I'd definitely make it out of polymer clay.


Looking back at this cosplay is a bit painful, as the circumstances surrounding when I wore it were direly traumatizing. I don't remember how I managed to pull it together, nor do I remember all the steps of all the items. I only have one photo of this costume, and I look, rightfully, miserable. Which sucks! I had been really looking forward to wearing the costume because of all the effort I'd put into the coat. I almost wore it again but the plans fell through. Since it's been so long, some parts of it no longer fit. However, I'm hopeful that one day I can take more photos where I hopefully don't look like I'm about to cry. Maybe I'll even find another group to be a part of. If you cosplay from Hatoful Boyfriend, I'd love to meet up with you sometime when conventions are back to normal!

Photos by me.

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