February 2018 Costume Writeup: Cinder Fall

What they're from RWBY (Anime)
Variation Season 1 Default
Created January/February 2016
Debuted Katsucon 2016
Also worn
Colossalcon 2016
Ohayocon 2017
Groups Almost too many to name! Honorable mentions: Trimeriad Cosplay with Niho as Blake and Tomoyo as Ruby, Light of Hope Cosplay as Weiss, and Straycat Cosplay as Pyrrha. And honorable duo mention: Mikey Does Cosplay as Roman Torchwick!
Wig Arda Wig: Dany in Black (CL-078)
This lace front was hand-ventilated in the fall of 2014 to create a widow's peak on the right side of the forehead.
Special Makeup N/A.
Patterns I put an old dance costume onto paper and used that as a base, strictly guessing on the drape of the hi-lo part of the skirt. I took some screenshots of Cinder's model and printed them out as a main reference for the gold applique.

What went wrong:
Oo, I tried to make shorts with leftover black stretch fabric and the tension wasn't working out so I had to modify a pair. There's also a spot between the front and arms where the applique mismatches.

What went right:
Hot damn. Almost everything. Even though I was rushing, the applique on the arms was easy and holds up. I love the neckline, which stays down even when I'm dancing. I'm so pleased by the way this looked on me in pictures!

What I'd do differently:
At the time, I didn't know how to properly stitch a blind hem on my serger, so I'd definitely do it the right way if I did it again. I also might have waited and found a slightly darker red for the dress, but I'm not too dissatisfied with it. I should also remake the necklace, that's not too hard. And the ankle bracelet lost a lot of dangly diamondy things, so I'd like to remake that as well.

Would I wear it again?

Yes and no. I do enjoy wearing it, though she'll need some slight touchups. But I also dislike the fandom. On two separate accounts, I've had RWBY fans flag me down in the hallway while I was dressed as Cinder and call me a "bitch" or "the worst." RWBY SPOILER. This happened especially after the episode where Cinder kills Pyrrha. Nothing quite like being called a bitch or a murderer while wearing a design I like for a character whose life isn't mine! If RWBY fans get more respectful, maybe I'll bring it back, but I'm pretty well limiting my interest in RWBY to the first two seasons. I'm sad I don't feel like catching up, but so much of the magic has run out for me. So maybe when the show becomes more obscure.

Why I chose this character:

From the first moment I saw her onscreen, I knew she was exactly my archetype. I didn't love the way her character arc progressed, but damn if I didn't see a danceable dress that would flatter me. That was about all it took!

Any other anecdotes?:

Unfortunately, I never got to make or wear this in time to share with Monty Oum, which is a shame. Above, I noted that I did the lacefront in the fall of 2014, which was very shortly after I started cosplaying. But my skills just weren't there to make the dress yet, and unfortunately, by the time 2015 rolled around, Monty passed. I really wish I could have shared it with him as thanks for creating a great show.

Photos by me.

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