July 2018 Costume Writeup: Judith Spa Yukata

What they're from Tales of Vesperia (Video Game)
Variation Spa Yukata
Created May 2017
Debuted Fanimecon 2017
Also worn Maple Gel Con 2018
Groups Trimeriad Cosplay (Niho as Yuri default, Tomoyo as Estelle default)
Wig Arda Wig: Ferrari, Long Wefts, and Short Wefts in Electric Purple (CL-024)
Arda Short Weft in Pale Lilac (CL-025A)
2 packs of Epic Wefts (Specific Color Unknown)
Special Makeup Ears from Aradani and painted to match my skintone with Mehron palette
Patterns A reeeeally old "cheat" pattern for yukatas and kimonos.

What went wrong:
Two very small things. I didn't have quite the shade of green I wanted for the painted-on leaves, so I had to work with what I had. I also nicked the fabric juuuust a little when I set the invisible hem, so I wish that had gone more smoothly.

What went right:
Just about everything else. This is my cleanest piece to date, I think, with everything on the insides and outsides inoffensive. I'm really proud of the job I did scaling and placing the floral design from extremely gritty references. Extra special thanks to Trimeriad for booting up their 360 so I could take phone pics of the screen... oh, cosplay.

What I'd do differently:

Mostly just that green paint. Everything else is great! Maybe fix my dang sandal, too, it's loose in places. And for that matter, I'd like to spruce up the wig.

Would I wear it again?


Why I chose this character

I haven't gotten to talk about Judith yet, have I? Okay. First of all. I LOVE Judith. She's beautiful and kickass and fun to play as—I love combat aerials almost as much as I love general tanking. She's also written to be sexy in a way that's not at all demeaning to her character—not a fourth-wall-breaking sex kitten, but someone who enjoys being sexy and is 'respected for it. (Mostly.) She doesn't have to sacrifice badassery to be sexy, and she doesn't have to sacrifice her sexuality to be badass... I don't know if I can explain it as well as I'd like. Bayonetta comes to mind. I wish she were the main protag, tbh, but I know the story would pan out differently. Anyway, she needs more recognition and representation in merch. She's one of my top Tales girls for sure, behind only Velvet and Presa.

Any other anecdotes?:

A sad and a silly. I was catcalled in this outfit shortly after shooting in the purple tree park at Fanime—in Spanish, even. I know for sure my friends didn't understand or even hear what was going on, but I did, and it was upsetting when I couldn't just leave the situation. But sillier was the process of lying down in the almost-damp grass for that picture and sneezing a bunch because of allergies!

Photos by me.

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