January 2019 Costume Writeup: Kyanna Delrio (Lemon Cream)

What they're from HuniePop (Video Game)
Variation Lemon Cream
Created March 2018
Debuted Tekko (April 2018)
Also worn N/A
Groups HuniePop private party at Tekko, Fractali as Beli Lapran.
Wig Arda Wig: Venus in Black (SI-078), cut bangs and length, with the ends finger-curled.
Special Makeup N/A
Patterns N/A. Niho helped pin the skirt to my body for fitting, but no patterns were used.

What went wrong:
This stupid skirt. It doesn't exist in real life. I messed up pretty hard with a blind hem on the lighter brown fabric (that came from an old bolero I hadn't worn in a while), so I had to use the opposite side, which was ruched and didn't perform the way I wanted it to. Then, making the slit without lining was a nightmare. I realized too late that was what I had been missing because it was similar to Velvet's anniversary dress in that I had to hand-stitch the lighter color inside the darker color. But this time, it was all stretch!

What went right:
The shoes. YES. I wasn't in a good enough financial position to shop for new shoes, so I turned to my closet, where a pair of 6", sandy-colored Brash pumps were winking at me. I picked up the last leather paint in the local Michael's to cover them with pink and white, then epoxied on the bows. I put gold on the soles. The shirt was also an insanely lucky find. For about $10 on eBay, I got a shirt with the right size white dots on yellow. The neckline isn't perfect, but it works well for the illusion of bust. All I had to do was remove two buttons that were tacked on and add a ruffled edge to the sleeves!

What I'd do differently:
I'd just bite the bullet and make the skirt from scratch.

Would I wear it again?

Yes, absolutely. I wanna make a few more of Kyanna's outfits, too. She's got great style!

Why I chose this character

Kyanna is one of my favorite characters available to date in the game because of her upbeat attitude and girl-next-door (-exercising) vibe. I'm happy to cosplay any version of her, but I chose this one because it looked like it would flatter me and be mostly thriftable.

Any other anecdotes?:

I couldn't really walk around the con in the heels, so I had to curb to take off the heels and wear flats when I traveled down hallways. Nobody recognized Kyanna, but I think a couple recognized Beli. Unfortunately, I got hit on in this outfit (while with friends... seriously?). So that proves that it doesn't matter what you're wearing; someone can and will harass you if they're determined to.

Photos by me.

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