April 2018 Bonus Costume Writeup: Mira (Bloody)

What they're from Zero Time Dilemma (Video Game)
Variation Bloody (from the Triangle timeline)
Created June/July 2016
Debuted MAGFest 2017
Also worn N/A
Groups StrayCatCosplay as Eric, ceratopian as Q.
Wig Arda Wig: Dani in Warm Light Brown (CL-069) & iDye Poly in Brown.
Special Makeup REEL Creations Blood Bank Palette, 99% alcohol activated
Three different kinds of Halloween-store fake blood
Various brushes dedicated to the blood
Three hours of application
Patterns See default Mira.

What went wrong:
Uhhhh I didn't realize I'd need help for the sealant at the end of the process. I was lucky Ben was there to help me. I had to be very careful most of the day, regardless.

What went right:
It was well-received! No mishaps with the costume itself, and all the blood washed out super easily.

What I'd do differently:

More. Blood. It didn't show up hardly at ALL on the clothes (which was a fun character perspective to learn about her... pretty sure she chose that scheme because it was easy to mask blood). I also wanted my hands to be bloodier the whole time, and to bloody up Jarrod more, but the Gaylord being a place I didn't want to ruin, I'll save that for another time where I can control and clean the environment better.

Would I wear it again?

Under the right circumstances, yes! I need more blood, though.

Why I chose this character

Every year or so, I like to try a new character with challenging new makeup. The challenge set, I knew it had to be Mira. Her story felt incomplete without finding her long-lost heart. I wanted to honor that part of her, that shocking and interesting development that made her stand out from the other characters in her team.

Any other anecdotes?:

I had been set on this costume from the day I completed the default version of Mira. However, it took me a lot of time (and birthday money) to be able to fund the type of blood fx makeup I wanted/needed. I hate that lack of funding meant I wasn't able to make my dream a reality until months after its conception, and some other events downplayed the excitement a bit. However, that didn't stop me from having a fantastic time and getting lots of shots of Mira at MAGFest 2017 that I love even today. I love this fierce bitch. I'd really love to do more shots in an environment like the shelter someday.

Photos by me.

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