October 2017 Costume Writeup: Muzét

What they're from Tales of Xillia 2 (video game)
Variation Gold Bikini
Created April/May 2015
Debuted Colossalcon 2015
Also worn
Group Trimeriad Cosplay with Niho as swimsuit Leia and Tomoyo as swimsuit Cheria
Wig One of the last cosplay.com wigs: Rose Long in White
2x Le Tigre in Pure White (F18) from Arda Wigs
Dyed with RIT (Tan, Kelly Green, Yellow, Teal, & iDye Poly (Yellow)
Special Makeup N/A.
Patterns Completely custom by me and based on trial & error!
What went wrong:
Using stretch gold lamé meant that turning thin tubes inside out was torturous. I had to test the fit on these pieces at least three times each before I found something that worked.

What went right:
I purchased an elastic foot for my serger—never turning back!! I use this sucker for all my stretch needs now. It was the best purchase I made for my sewing kit. This was also the project that taught me how to dye custom colors.

What I'd do differently:
If I did this again, I'd definitely cover existing bra cups. And—yes, I'm crazy—I'd make the wig bigger.

Would I wear it again?
I'd love to bring it back with a fuller Xillia swimsuit group, but probably not otherwise! I would also probably need to redo the wig if I were to do the default version of Muzét.

Why I chose this character:
That year at Colossalcon, I knew at least three people were going to cosplay swimsuit Milla at the gathering and I wanted to do something different. Muzét had two options for swimsuits and I wanted to challenge myself to make the gold one. I already had the idea that I'd love to do giant wigs and more stretchy fabric and I got to explore that to the fullest with this. And yes, Muzét is also the "pretty lady with bazongas" type. She also kinda got screwed in the character development department—her transformation in Xillia 1 was tossed to the side and she never dealt with the consequences of her actions. While wearing the bikini didn't give me the full experience, I do want to make her default so that I can take on the nuances of her character.

Any other anecdotes?:
I had a cool shot edited by Burress Productions! My friends lifted me in the air and BP photoshopped them out so it would appear that I'm floating like Muzét does. That's the only time I've ever had something edited like that, and I really love the result! Wish I had more excuses to do things like that.

Photos by Burress Productions, Morning Addict Photography, and myself.

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