March 2019 Costume Writeup: Chichibu Rabura

What they're from Punchline (Anime)
Variation Outfit from Episode 2
Created July 2018
Debuted Matsuricon (August 2018)
Also worn N/A
Groups Fractali as Daihatsu Meika.
Wig Arda Wig: Venus in Emerald Green (CL-048) plus one pack of short wefts.

This wig began its life as a Venus, but had to become an updo. I added wefts to the underside to fill in the gaps as well as created the ahoge (clear tape, wire, glue, and a lot of patience).
Special Makeup N/A, but as a fun fact, the lipstick is the same one I use for Mira.
Patterns This costume is a modified buy. It was originally a plain white cotton dress I ordered from Amazon paired with black iron-on vinyl.

What went wrong:
Not "wrong" per se, but because this garment was dyed, it wasn't as dark as I'd like. That one's on me for not having a bigger dye bath or a higher saturation of dye. Just couldn't have been arsed to make the top myself when I was so busy.

What went right:
Once I obtained the transfer tape I didn't realize I needed with the type of vinyl I had, it was easy to cut and weed to a shape that looks as close as possible to the screenshots from the anime. I like that process a lot more than I thought I would, considering I don't and probably never will have a Cricut.

What I'd do differently:
I'd probably just make the dress myself with nicer, exact-colored fabric. If I wanted to be reeeeally accurate, I'd make it a two-piece, but it sits nicely as a dress and I don't have to worry about anything riding up, so it's honestly fine with me!

Would I wear it again?

Definitely! It's comfortable and I'd love more of my friends to cosplay from it. I'd also love to wear a couple of her other outfits and her canon lingerie is totally cute too!

Why I chose this character

The first character I cosplayed from Punchline was Mikatan, partially because I wanted to do Strange Juice later (I've never been super into magical girls but I really love Strange Juice) and have a correlating cosplay. But I always knew I was going to cosplay Rabura as well—she fits my cosplay archetype more than a "main character" type would.

Any other anecdotes?:

When I debuted this at Matsuricon, it was the Friday when Tr*mp was at the GOP dinner. I was scheduled to teach lessons in the hall that was (supposedly) underneath where he was located. Poor Matsuricon had to scramble to reassure attendees that everything would be okay for all panels and events. When we were walking to the lessons, Fractali and I had to walk through the "airport hallway" area that was full of GOP reps and I can't even describe the looks they were giving us, like we were something from an old-timey circus. Sure, we're cosplayers, but we're also part of the LGBTQ+ population, so it felt like hate was emanating from them on every level. Love will always win but damn if it wasn't intimidating walking through there, and then to the hallway, where I was told I wasn't allowed to bring my bag of teaching materials (because bags could hold... weapons? I guess?). They let me take my laptop and shoes and such out before I had to leave it with the staffer and the secret service agent. Anyway, once lessons were over, the agent basically stared us down until we left the area. I hope we never have to deal with this at a con again!

Also, shout out to Niho, who gave me the shoes I used for this costume in like 2014 because they're huge platforms and she knows I love me some height!

Photos by me.

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