June 2019 Costume Writeup: Chichibu Rabura - Christmas

What they're from Punchline (Anime)
Variation Outfit from the Christmas episode
Created December 2018
Debuted December 2018 for $10 patrons
Also worn N/A
Groups Eventually! I made Xmas Mikatan that Feytaline can wear, Feytaline has an Xmas Ito to loan out, and I don't doubt I'll probably help make Meika for Ali.
Wig Arda Wig: Venus in Emerald Green (CL-048) plus one pack of short wefts.

This wig began its life as a Venus, but had to become an updo. I added wefts to the underside to fill in the gaps as well as created the ahoge (clear tape, wire, glue, and a lot of patience).
Special Makeup No special makeup, but for the holidays I received a ring light that I used for the first time in this shoot!
Patterns I think basically what I did was take the Zoya body suit silhouette I had just created at the time, slap it over the fabric, cut it in a sort-of dress shape, sew, pin to fit, and sew again.

What went wrong:
Firstly, I was out of lining at the time, and in a desperate cleaning rush before Ali moved in, I chose a nude mesh lining because it was all I had. And then, I decided to line the dress before I had attached the white stripe to the front of the dress. Not like I was going to compete in this, though, so good enough!

What went right:
Have I mentioned how much I love making thin stretchy straps? I love it. Even the velvet ones! Also, the biggest victory for this one was completing it before Xmas for my patrons. It was possibly my quickest-created cosplay, and luckily so (since I still had gastritis at the time and had little stamina).

What I'd do differently:
Probably just line it AFTER I put all the details on top, and ideally line it with actual stretch lining instead of mesh. I'd also like to take more pictures of this! While the new lighting was better on my face than just daylight/floor lamps, I was still using a front-facing phone camera.

Would I wear it again?

Yep! I guarantee I will! Besides, I'm a December baby, I love wearing Xmas things.

Why I chose this character

I already had Rabura's wig and had made a costume for Mikatan, so figured I would make more in the set so friends could help me complete it. We've always loved Punchline and we all love celebrating Xmas together, too!

Any other anecdotes?:

I almost forgot to include this writeup in the lineup for writeups! I'm glad I didn't, though, because it's one of the quickest costumes I've ever made.

Photos by me.

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