December 2019 Costume Writeup: Rokurou Rangetsu - Chef DLC

What they're from Tales of Berseria (Video Game)
Variation Chef DLC
Created August 2019
Debuted Matsuricon 2019
Also worn PA Private Photo Shoot
Groups Fractali is the primary wearer; I wear maid DLC Velvet to accompany her.
Wig Arda Wig Arda Jareth in Deep Brown (CL-077) with extra wefts. This wig will be remade with a ponytail version for MAGfest 2020.
Special Makeup See my first Rokurou write-up for a full description of the makeup!
Patterns The base items were purchased: chef jacket, pants, and base hat. Ali already had the shoes, which we painted together using this paint.

The items I crafted were the apron, hat brim, front panel, scarf, and sword.

Creation Notes:
I used JoAnn's Supima Sateen Cotton Fabric in Teal for parts of this costume, and I have to say that I really love the way the fabric feels, but I really hate how easily wrinkled it gets! For the apron, instead of using cut vinyl like I did for Velvet's apron, I painted with the freezer paper template method. For the sword, I put foamcore as the base and traced fabric to cover it, along with foam on one side. The "handle" is actually a foam dowel from Yaya Han that we happened to spot at the same JoAnn when we picked up the cotton sateen. Life-saver!

The hat brim was fun if only because I continued to kick ass with bias tape application, and I really enjoyed how clean it turned out. I also put some netted structuring inside the hat for it to stand up. It's still not proportionally as tall as I'd like, but I wasn't about to make a hat from scratch just for an inch and a half of height.

The front panel was fairly simple to construct as well. More bias tape, topstitching down the left side to the actual garment and putting snaps on the right side to attach it. I also had to put bias tape on the collar, which was slightly less fun, but necessary and at the end of the day, worth it.

Would I wear it again?

We'll be wearing our Berseria maids & butlers group for MAGfest 2020! Niho as Eizen, Tomoyo as Laphicet, Feytaline will be making her own Magilou, and then Rose of Battle and Light Inheritor will be bringing their default Eleanor and Teresa, respectively! I couldn't be more excited for this development because the last time I cosplayed a fairly full maid/butler group was in 2015 for Xillia. It's about damn time!

Photos by me.

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