August 2020 Accessory/Wig Writeup: Rose and Armatized Rose (Water version)

This month's writeup is sponsored by Rose of Battle.

What they're from Tales of Zestiria (Video Game)
Variation Default/Armatized Version
Made August 2016
Debuted Otakon 2016
Group Niho as Armatized Rose (Trimeriad Cosplay)

Wig Supplies:

For Default Rose, Arda Wigs Arda Inigo in Maroon (CL-002). Armatized Rose was made for Niho from her stash and I don't have an exact wig type or color.

Rose's wig had juuuust enough of a bang that I remember having to glue it down in order to get her two front "chunks" of bangs. I threaded the hair through some standard wooden beads and hot glued it together. I also had to do a trim.

For Armatized Rose, I had to cut and style the bangs, and I remember being very proud of the clean styling. I only caulked one small portion of the bang. I can't recall if Niho or I made the hair bow, or whether I trimmed the wig itself? But regardless, it was simple.

Bought or borrowed source:

Niho toiled for weeks when drafting this particular outfit and I hope to this day she's damn proud of it. She was probably one of the first Armatized cosplayers in the U.S., if I recall correctly, and the Thursday before our shoot she was still contact-cementing fabric to foam in the hotel room!

Rose's costume was bought and borrowed from Niho, with the exception of using my own boots and thrifted white pants when I wore it.

Armatized Rose's Bow:

Niho constructed the bow out of foam and interlocking PVC pipes, and if I recall correctly she had already sprayed primer on it before I started painting. I reinforced the pipes with some spare worbla strips. Although I'd never painted water before (only colored pencils), I printed a reference and jumped right into it. There isn't much to describe other than I don't believe I shared the behind the scenes progress for it. I had to paint it about two days before we left for the con, I think? And I was scared that it would be sitting in a hot car. I believe it held up okay... but won't know for sure unless Niho decides to bring Armatized Rose back out! Also, I remember that year was one of the hottest Otakons ever when it was held in Inner Harbor. I have no idea how we survived our Kenna shoot outside but I'm glad we did!

Photos by me.

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