January 2020 Costume Writeup: Schala

What they're from Chrono Trigger (Video Game)
Variation Default with original design aspects
Created December 2019
Debuted MAGFest 2020
Also worn N/A
Groups Feytaline as Marle, Fractali as Lucca, and SMZeldaRules as Ayla.
Wig Epic Cosplay Phoebe in Light Blue Mix & Epic Cosplay 35" Weft Extension in Light Blue Mix
Special Makeup N/A.
Patterns Butterick 4827 (modified) for the dress; Simplicity 1045 (modified) for the overcoat with sleeves.

What Went Wrong:
I massively, massively procrastinated. That's what this one comes down to. But I can't be too hard on myself, because right as I prepared the muslin for this costume, I got the news that my grandfather had died, followed by my grandmother, both on my father's side and the first grandparents I'd experienced passing in my life. I kinda sat and thought I'd figure it out as I went through the crunch, but there were many nights I kind of just stared at the fabric and wondered how in the world I'd ever make it into a costume. I didn't hang it for long enough or evenly enough when it was put into its shell, so the hem is somewhat uneven. The sleeves on the overcoat never lined up with their lining, so everything is pretty much ironed into being where it is. Boning? I don't know her but she messed up the built-in bra pretty badly, so that's going to have to be fixed for future wears. I also feel like not stabilizing the overcoat fabric was the wrong choice, despite not really being able to do fusible with it, just because I decided to lace it at the last moment instead of leaving it open like the dress itself. A lot of these things could have been fixed if I'd paced the project more piecemeal instead of "all the work at once while crying" in that sliver of a space before the con (you know the meme). Despite all of that, it was still a worthwhile project, and every photo I've seen has been fairly flattering toward the outfit.

What Went Right:

I'm 'bout to gush about this bustle. THIS BUSTLE. I'm so proud of the bustle and the way the fabric drapes. It's so easy and practical to pick up the train and affix it, and the place I put it (right at the bottom of my butt) gives it a really flattering flare.

The colors are also something I'm really proud of. They came together because I wasn't jiving with the color of the reference; that medium-lightish purple was going to make me look ill because of my skin tone. I went with a lighter lilac and complemented it with more jewel-toned pink, orange, and turquoise. I don't typically pride myself in color selection for costumes, but I think they go fairly well together. People who know the character seem pleasantly surprised when they see that detail.

I stuck to my original idea of the design fairly well, although I did have to make a few modifications toward the end, such as closing the open edges with bias tape. But that bias tape? Some of my best bias tape yet, and that's saying something as a "Tales Of" cosplayer!

Why I Chose This Character:

Chrono Trigger is Ali's favorite game from growing up, and I had never played it. When she found out, I started researching and asked her if she thought I'd suit anyone for cosplay purposes. Schala represents a caring older sister who, under her mother's (emotionally abusive) rule, is being used for her special powers and doesn't have the chance to escape. I have a younger brother, so I'm drawn to older sister types (Velvet, anyone?). But moreover, she makes a tremendous sacrifice so that the heroes could continue their quest, and by doing this she doesn't GET to be a survivor of abuse. Those stories are also important to tell.

Photos by me.

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