October 2019 Costume Writeup: Sheena Fujibayashi - You Look Great!

What they're from Tales of Symphonia (Video Game)
Variation You Look Great!
Created February-March 2019
Debuted Aselia Con 2019
Also worn N/A
Groups N/A
Wig Arda Wig Jeannie in Dark Purple (CL-022), in the large size because I got it before they started having the 21"!
Arda also just came out with the color CL-019 Nightshade FOR SHEENA, so now I gotta go invest in that for next time. But my wig skills have massively improved since I made this wig in 2016. I'll be glad to upgrade.
Special Makeup Not makeup, but this is the first time I got my nails done "for" a costume. This is my salon.
Patterns Next month, I'm going to use this feature to show the open-front cross bra technique I created over the years! Otherwise, I used scrap spandex to draft a basic pattern for the skirt. For me, spandex is almost always on-body draping.

What went wrong:
Eh, my sewing machine didn't particularly like sewing through the gold Yaya fabric + elastic combo, but I also didn't have a sharp enough needle.

What went right:
I'm super, super proud of that bra top. Not only does it stay in place while I'm moving, but it also contains a set of concealed hooks that cinch the cleavage in for when I'm actively dancing/jumping. I'm excited for the next time I get to wear it to show off that feature. I should also mention that for extra security and shaping, I wore pasties and athletic tape. I also love the color of the fabric—couldn't have gotten a better match for what I dreamed of.

What I'd do differently:
I really, really don't like the gold part of the thigh-highs. I saw a tutorial on using aquarium tubing for design elements like that, and silly me, forgot that my thighs are 1. plus size no matter what shape or weight I am and 2. set close together; so, any amount of rubbing meant they fell down instantly. Combined with the shiny element of the glissenette (which I wouldn't change), that was a disaster. So I have to figure out how to come up with a rigging so that they either are sewn directly to a pair of tights, are tighter elastic, or have a garter belt attachment. Not sure why, in all the years of cosplay tutorials, there hasn't been something specifically for pear-shaped people whose legs aren't able to fit into standard size thigh-high anything so we can get them to stay put... but maybe that's because all of these dumb anime thigh-high designs are unrealistic for people like me. If y'all ever see solutions other than "sew the thing directly to a pair of dance tights," let me know.

Would I wear it again?

At some point, I need to, both for picture reasons and because I never got to do it with any sort of group.

Why I chose this character

I don't think I've ever actually gotten to tell you about Sheena? I've loved her, and also specifically this outfit, for almost half my life now. Sheena was the 1st-person protagonist of my first "big" fanfic from when I was in middle school. I didn't like to use her as my primary fighter because I like to tank and that's not her specialty, but I did try to keep her in my party (again specifically in this outfit) as much as possible every time I played Symphonia. I don't want to spoil anyone who hasn't played, but her storyline is compelling to me and shows incredible growth through a traumatic incident. Sheena is so cool!! And has my favorite costumes in Symphonia. I like this one because it's so different from what anyone would call a "formal dress." A lot of my interest in Latin dance came from the style of Sheena's outfit here, and thinking about how I could dance in something similar if I ever advanced to that high a level of performance. (I never will, which is part of why cosplay is great!)

Any other anecdotes?:

Not really, unfortunately! I have only worn her for a total of three hours, during which nothing particularly eventful occurred.

Photos by me.

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