May 2020 Accessory/Wig Writeup: Tales of Accessories

This writeup will feature several Tales Of pieces I worked on during the summer of 2016! I'll have a separate writeup for Rose/Armatized Rose's pieces.

Eizen's Wig

Niho's wig for Eizen was something I happily took on because at the time, I had had the most experience dyeing. According to the original photo, I finished this wig on August 5th, 2016, which means I was truly crunching for our first Berseria shoot at Otakon! That year, I had also rushed to make Diana as well as summer DLC Velvet (or what we had of her from the screenshots) AND Niho's Armatized Rose bow/wig (which will be a separate post), so I don't know how I managed it.

Because Niho provided the wig and I didn't take "before" photos, I'm not sure exactly which model it was, but I believe it's an Arda in Fairy Blonde. I used iDye Poly in orange, with possibly a little brown or yellow thrown in? I can't recall the exact mixture, but I know I mixed it. It was a simple dip-dye following a trim, and then style. This was before I started using caulk, so it was clear tacky, and unfortunately that made it a little difficult for Niho to rewear over the years--but then, who knew we'd be rewearing these characters for so long? (Me. It was me. It was and is my fault!)

Presa's Apron

In May of 2016, Trimeriad finally got our act together and made a matching Chimeriad set. This one is from the drama CD cover. While I didn't have a plain blue yukata, I have a floral one that I had bought when I was actually in Japan that worked just fine, so I made the apron to go with it. The fabric is courtesy of Niho. Because I had run out of opaque white fabric paint, I had to make due with a cheaper solution, which ended up being something that called itself "glow in the dark," probably by Tulip? It wasn't great, but using the freezer paper method as a stencil was fairly easy.

vAgria's Apron

I also helped with Agria's outfit (aside from the wig, which I had cut, no lie, in 2014). Again, the apron with the same method as Presa's. Niho had sewn the yukata out of some pink fabric, which I also believe was taken out of the stash. The photo is blurry but I had fun wearing it to test out the outfit!

Wingul's Wig

I don't know where the photo went but I also had thrown on Wingul for a joke photo. I can't remember if I did the ahoge or Niho did? I did something to this wig. Might have been a trim. Again, no confirmation on what base wig it was, only that the ahoge was made with clear tape and wire. I'm not sure if I did anything else for him except wear him and make a grumpy face. It could have been another apron or a symbol on his coat. And unfortunately, I think this was before I was posting images to Twitter, which means any record I have about that was on my long-deleted Tumblr.

Colette's Wrap

Also for the early June con of 2016, we threw together a Symphonia swimsuit group and it was a blast. This cosplay was made for Tomoyo. We dug into Niho's fabric stash for this one and I hand cut the freezer stencils. For this one, I recall using a light yellow fabric paint, which I believe was not the same as the Chimeriad's aprons. I think I might have additionally sewn on the red bow of her swimsuit. Fun fact, it's not actually a swimsuit since we couldn't find anything similar enough online--it's a leotard!

Photos by me.

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