February 2019 Costume Writeup: Velvet Crowe (Orchestra)

What they're from Tales of Berseria (Video Game)
Variation 2016 Tales of Orchestra
Created April/May 2018
Debuted Fanimecon (May 2018)
Also worn Maple Gel Con 2018
Groups Niho as Rokurou Rangetsu (2016 Tales of Orchestra) Fanime and Maple Gel Con 2018
Wig Arda Wig: Jeannie in Black (CL-078) with an Arda long straight clip in Black.
Special Makeup N/A. Still seeking special prop (cello) if anyone has one lying around to pose with.
Patterns Once again, I lifted the anniversary dress pattern and simply eliminated the horizontal seam for this bad boy.

What went wrong:
Nothing in particular. However, choosing Yaya Han's dupioni was a bit of a risk. You can't iron dupioni. So, if anything, I feel like the overall look could be crisper. I could have also chosen a different fabric and dyed it. (But I really loved the purple undertones in the red, and the red undertones in the orange. Really matches Rokurou.) And I may have left a little too much room during the fitting process because I feel like the back wasn't fitting by the time I got to the zipper.

What went right:
Let me start off by saying I love this dress. I hand-ruffled the bottom lace (using the width of a dinner fork) and that might be my favorite part. The gradient was created using fabric paint and water to dilute it, and lots of hours repeating, "I will finish this because I love her I will finish this because I love her." The bolero and necklace are stretch pleather, with the bolero being sans lining so I could breathe/dance in it. There's a spot inside the dress for an adjustable strap for use when dancing, also. I had a lot of fun finding the right type/size of flowers for the hair piece as well. I really like the pearl detailing. I also had to modify the shoes so my very wide feet could fit in them, and then add pearls to the top. The only element I didn't make was the existing glove, which has snap closures near the wrist so I don't have to roll it down and up to use my phone.

What I'd do differently:
I would have sewn the bottom orange panels of the dress together before painting them, and I would have been more patient about diluting and really capturing the gradient. It's still great, but if I could have improved it, that would be the main place. If I'd used different fabric altogether I might also get a swishier effect for dancing, but I also drafted the dress with "sitting at a cello" in mind. Because, y'know. Realism or whatnot.

Would I wear it again?


Why I chose this character

Pretty sure I don't have to explain how much I love Velvet. But I chose this dress because it was mostly full-coverage during a time when I really wanted that.

Any other anecdotes?:

Not in particular, but when I was gradient painting, my entire kitchen was being used to hang up various panels so they could dry and it kind of looked like one of those big parachutes you use in elementary school gym classes! I also was surprised that another 2016 orchestra Rokurou came to the Maple Gel Formal, so I was dual wielding manses!!

Photos by me.

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