April 2019 Costume Writeup: Velvet Crowe (Sailor)

What they're from Tales of Berseria (Video Game)
Variation Sailor version from the Tales Of Festival 2018
Created July/August 2018
Debuted Colossalcon East (August 2018)
Also worn N/A
Groups Niho as Zaveid, Tomoyo as Laphicet, Rose of Battle Cosplay as Eleanor, and Fractali as Sheena (original design based on the whole group).
Wig Arda Wig: Venus in Onyx (SI-078).
Special Makeup N/A.
Patterns Would it surprise you if I said one of the patterns I frequently use? Maid Milla, split in two, was the base. The logos were hand-embroidered by Fractali & the shoes were borrowed from Niho.

What went wrong:
This is really nothing on the costume, but my body changed shape almost immediately after I made this due to a stomach illness that knocked me out for about 3 months. It still doesn't fit quite right. I suppose I don't love the way the zipper area turned out, either, but I didn't have other options at the time.

What went right:
I love the fit of the shirt. Very pleased with the scarf, too, as I was worried about the colorblocking and that it wasn't going to have straight enough corners.

What I'd do differently:
If I'd had time or, as it turns out, health, I would have embroidered the logos myself rather than asking Fractali to do it. They're beautiful as they are! This is simply "if I had to do it again" presuming I were in an ideal state for crafting. I also would have just made the dang zipper in the back, or made the buttons actually functional with an option to adjust if my shape changed. It's in the worst possible spot, as it is.

Would I wear it again?

Yes! Likely. It's an easy costume to wear, although it's better for mild weather rather than extremes. And I need more photos of it.

Why I chose this character

Niho was the influencing factor on this one! Sailors are almost like maids in that the colors are predictable and the craftsmanship is clean, so I signed on right away.

Any other anecdotes?:

I have very few photos in this so far because the first day I wore it was one of the first days I felt Actually Quite Sick. It didn't help that we waited a bit longer than anticipated for our photographer (nobody's fault, just didn't plan for it), and then went into a hot and humid location to shoot. I was extremely grateful that we could be flexible for the rest of the con. Remember kids, don't sacrifice your health for cosplay!

Photos by me.

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