June 2018 Costume Writeup: Christmas Velvet

What they're from Tales of Berseria (Video Game)
Variation Mobile Game Christmas Gacha
Created December 2016
Debuted MAGFest 2017
Also worn N/A
Groups Tomoyo of Trimeriad Cosplay as reindeer Laphicet
Wig Arda Wig: Jeanne in Black (CL-078).
Arda Silky Long Clip
Special Makeup N/A.
Patterns The exact same one I used for Nova! All of the fur lining (sheddy!!) was hand-sewn in.

What went wrong:
Oh lord the actual velvet fabric was terrible to work with. Frays easily. Be prepared when you want to work with it. I also had shopped around for bells that size for the bow and KNEW I'd seen them somewhere, but it took a lot of effort to actually obtain them. Additionally, the wig clip tangled very easily and the Santa hat didn't stay on well, so there was a lot of adjusting while wearing it.

What went right:
Somehow, I was able to pull it together in the two-ish weeks I had before MAG. There was a lot of hand-stitching because I was trying to be frugal. I also made the gloves with the capability to open without taking them off, and it proved to be a wise choice. I really like the bracelets, too.

What I'd do differently:

I'd take the time to line it properly. I'd also take the time to make a garter belt rather than cover an existing one. Never did look at the reference's boots seriously, either, so it'd be great to get some comfy and appropriate ones. Ooo, and I want to make the matching present box!

Would I wear it again?

Absolutely! I love Christmas and I love Velvet, so it's a no-brainer.

Why I chose this character

See above! Or see my post about Velvet's default.

Any other anecdotes?:

This was the first time I wore a super long side ponytail (Weiss doesn't count, as that was a super short time frame) and even with the silky, it tangled like CRAZY. Also, by the time this costume came out and MAG rolled around, Christmas had already passed and I sat on releasing a good number of the photos for Christmas of 2017!

Photos by me.

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