May 2019 Costume Writeup: Velvet Crowe (Yukata)

What they're from Tales of Berseria (Video Game)
Variation Yukata merchandise from the Tales Of Festival 2018
Created July/August 2018
Debuted Colossalcon East (August 2018)
Also worn Aselia Con 2019
Fanime 2019
Groups N/A
Wig Arda Wig: Venus in Onyx (SI-078).
Special Makeup N/A.
Patterns Googled how to cut a bolt of fabric into the correct size for a yukata and Frankensteined together a few of the tutorials, since nothing was 100% comprehensive enough for my newbie needs. For the obi/bow combo, since I made one for spa Judith, I just used the same method of hooks and snaps. I also trial-and-errored the purse structure. I wonder if I still have a pattern I made of that somewhere?

What went wrong:
The purse had some complicated patterns that paint wouldn't aid, and I had to scrap the first version. The second version still has some issues with the vinyl. At least with the stenciled designs of the flowers/leaves, I had the sense not to try and guess where they would go on areas not pictured in the single reference image—but the fact that I don't know where they do go, if anywhere, on the rest of the yukata makes me feel like it's forever unfinished.

What went right:
I'm the most proud of the hand-painted flower petal gradients!

What I'd do differently:
Mm, I kinda wish I'd made it a little smaller. I'm a short human and hiking it up as high as I have to can result in an uneven roll. I also want to replace the purse strings with something red.

Would I wear it again?

Yep! Expect it! I finally have a Velvet outfit that's comfy and not-too-warm-or-too-cold for all seasons!

Why I chose this character

I had been waiting for a simple yukata design (because the furisode was too complex).

Any other anecdotes?:

I had a wonderful session with Robert Tate Photography in the fall to catch the very last of the sunflower blooms and other beautiful nature spots by where he lives. It was one of the first coldish days, but even though I was wearing tights and long shorts under the yukata, I still got mosquito bites on my legs and butt from the shoot—how?! Gross little buggos, I tried so hard to avoid you!! Worth it, though, and I'd do it again, but armed with one of those clip-on fans and three cans of spray.

Photos by me.

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