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December 2020 Costume Writeup: Mikatan (Christmas)

What they're from Punchline (Anime/Video Game)
Variation Christmas
Created November/December 2016
Debuted MAGfest (January 2017)
Also worn N/A
Groups Feytaline as Ito Hikiotani (Christmas)
Wig Arda Wig: Ferrari (I think?) in Bubblegum (CL-011)

I remember cutting styrofoam cones to structure the front of the wig (the same kind as I had used in the original Judith wig I made in 2015) and I'm fairly certain I just glued them down, either with hot glue or caulk. I never actually made the little tufts on top of the wig that are supposed to stick up because I knew I'd be wearing the hat.
Special Makeup N/A.
Patterns Fey introduced me to the handy dandy circle skirt app, which helps you calculate circle skirt dimensions without a paper pattern. I used that for at least the smoothing under-petticoat layer; I'm unsure what patterns we used (if any) for the rest.

What went wrong:
It's starting to be quite a while ago that I built this, so the most I can remember is that I hand-sewed a LOT and definitely hurt my fingers, but it was worth it! I think I also chose some uncomfortable shoes to wear around the con, but that's not as relevant to the build.

What went right:
I'm proud of the bows on the garters! I think bows are something of a specialty of mine, now. I'm also fairly proud of the wig, as it's been one of the sturdier in my collection, surviving a couple borrows.

What I'd do differently:
I honestly don't have regrets about this costume other than if I had had more time and resources, I could have made the petticoat, garters, and (outer) underwear myself.

Would I wear it again?

I would love to! I'm always a sucker for Christmas costumes.

Any other anecdotes?:

Fey helped me make this costume and I honestly don't recall which parts we each did? Other than I know I made my own petticoat and hand-sewed the white trim on... the cape?? The dress too?? I can't remember for the life of me. But we had the distinct pleasure of sewing in Fey's living room with BooBoo following us around, and iirc, it was when I first discovered that Fey had a GIANT wheel o' straightpins.

Photos by me.

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