May 2020 Accessory/Wig Writeup: Zaveid

What they're from Tales of Zestiria / Tales of Berseria (Video Games)
Variation Default(s)
Made February 2016/ March 2017
Made For Niho (Trimeriad Cosplay)

Wig Supplies:

Narrative Log:

I didn't make, buy, or modify this costume for myself. When I took on the Morph male "nude" bodysuit, I was 30-some days deep into a "do coswork every day for 40 days straight until Katsucon," where I debuted four of my own new costumes (with help from the Trimeriad workshop). It was only natural that I offer to help Niho since she helped me. But I don't really remember the process because the entire crunch was a blur. I remember bits and pieces, like when I stabbed my knee with a full pincushion during patterning for Maltran, or when I felt super sick making Velvet's daemon claw.

When I took on Berseria Zaveid, I was newly on medication for a severe relapse in depressive and trauma-reactive symptoms. Niho and Tomoyo were going to Aselia Con and although I couldn't go myself, I wanted to contribute. I helped with Marta's wig as well; you can even see references in the background of these wig photos. But I don't remember much of the process. Niho gave me the wig, which was in a style I can't remember. Did I cut it? I don't know. My brain was foggy as hell. But since I was Trimeriad's then-expert on dyeing, I know that's why I chose to offer it. It also amused us that Berseria Zaveid has what we joke about as the "conscription bisexual haircut"—google it if you're not familiar. Berseria goes on to describe Zaveid as having had a fiancee, Theodora, and then a really suspiciously close and weird relationship with Eizen, which aligned with this new haircut.

Why share a log of accessories I made when I don't remember much? I can't tell you many of the details or tutorials, but I don't think that's the important part of my cosplay. I want to honor things I've made for my dear friends and the work I was still able to do despite being in a bad spot. Are they the most polished? No, but I'm still proud of them, especially the wig.

What parts I made:

Wig: Like I said above, I can't remember whether I cut the wig from a longer length, but I do know that I had to work with the bangs and ensure that the half-ponytail was at an appropriate length in the back. I used the stovetop method to dip dye the wig. I then separated the bangs and teased the roots, using Got2B hairspray and glue to finish it.

Pendant on necklace: I believe I used an air-dry clay, small plastic gem, and acrylic paint. In the first progress photo, you can see the sketch that I used to scale the pendant. Can you recognize the other accessories? The cross is for Pellegri (Xenosaga) and the swirls are Velvet's hair clips for the Link anniversary outfit (uhh before I knew she had a third because the back illustration hadn't been released). Niho made the rest of the necklace, if I recall, and all I had to do was make the somewhat elaborate, definitely-more-phallic-than-it-seemed-at-first pendant. In the final photo of this pendant, you can see Velvet's famous comb alongside the completed project.

Paint on bodysuit: The photo says I painted Niho's bodysuit on February 6th, 2016, which would have been about a week before its due date (Katsucon). I believe I just used a narrow paintbrush and opaque white fabric paint, no guidelines, because I was painting while the bodysuit was ON Niho. If you look at the crotch, I added a fun little detail to make sure nobody actually thought it was real nudity.

Photos by me.

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