July 2020 Accessory/Wig Writeup: Zero Time Dilemma

Spoiler warnings for Zero Time Dilemma (ZTD) below!

I'm so excited to do this writeup around the time of the four-year anniversary of this game. I love ZTD and when my friends agreed to fill out a small group based around D Team and Q Team, I couldn't have been happier or more grateful. They're all perfect! So I put in extra effort to make sure everyone had a watch, props, and any bought-costume modifications by the time MAGfest rolled around. At the time of making these costumes, I didn't have a job, but I feel 100% justified in my use of the time to help put together this group. Also, Yuri on Ice was airing its final episodes, which added some extra joy to the project. I honestly would call this time the pinnacle of my cosplay career. Damn, it was a passion project and it fueled me. I'll still love cosplaying Diana or Mira every time, but something about this particular group was so special. I love you, friends! Thank you for giving me my "dream cosplay group!"

What they're from Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma (Video Game)
Variation Default(s) for Sigma and Delta
Made December 2016
Debuted MAGFest 2017
Group Niho as Sigma (Trimeriad Cosplay), Tomoyo as Delta (Trimeriad Cosplay), Light of Hope Cosplay as Phi, Stray Cat Cosplay as Eric, BWH Comics as Zero II

Wig Supplies:

For Sigma, Arda Wigs Caine or Derek in Raven (CL-039). I added wefts at the bottom for some added volume because I knew I'd be cutting into the bottom quite closely. I used references to section off the wig as closely as possibly, particularly in the bang region. Niho sat very patiently, considering all the spraying and gluing going on. I believe this was before I started using caulk, so I have no idea if the wig actually held up.

Shortly after cutting and styling this wig, the Arda Kyle (which, by the way, what a coincidence for the Zero Escape fandom) was released, and I remember being so pissed that I did all that work when I could have gotten one with much closer side cuts!

For Delta, Arda Wigs wig fibers in Silver, I believe (CL-082), and possibly wefts? Tomoyo is a champion in all things, but particularly when sitting for this wig creation. Niho bought a bald cap and Pros-Aide, which I used to glue down strands of the wig fiber. I went slow and with thinned-out strands, making sure to give it a slicked-back look. In retrospect, I could have used the back half of a wig and made it bald only in the front. That damn receding hairline! We took frequent breaks but I still wish we could have broken up the session for our stamina.

Special Makeup:

Niho was the one who did Delta's makeup, including the bald cap application. She also did her own makeup, which included those angry eyebrows that I love. Anne made sure to paint her nails the night before, too.

Cosplay/Prop Details:

I believe most of our items were bought or already-owned, but I have no idea on the specifics anymore! I know that I bought the crossbow and grenade launcher at the Spirit Halloween knockoff store. I primed and painted them, and although they're not screen-perfect, they worked really well as props for our "Triangle" shoot with Unlimited Crossroads. Oh, and yes, that is my bachelorette-life dishwasher they dried in. Um. I can explain... (I'm clearly not the cook in the family!)


I believe I discussed these before, but during this time period and shortly thereafter, I did an "order" for watches for any friends who wanted one. As most Zero Escape cosplayers do, I used the tutorial from DeviantArt. Except instead of using cardboard, I used foam. I felt it would be more flexible even if it required the extra step of sealing before painting. I would say forcing myself to make a bunch at a time really helped me finesse the process of making them. I still have a box of "templates" for all elements! The cord is from dead technology of mine and charging cords I bought at the thrift store. I feel like these photos really expose my process, from my beat up exacto cutting board to setting the epoxy by placing heavy binders on top of the pieces.

Now, there was no tutorial for the specific ZTD watches I needed to make, but I had the official one from preordering the game that I used as a template. I used foam for the main piece, the same cords as the VLR and 999 watches, beads for the side buttons, and upside-down rhinestones for the small screws. Fun fact: you can't put the sharpie marks on the "screws" until after you seal it, or they wipe away. I'm very proud of my ZTD watches but I don't know if I'll put up a separate, full tutorial for them.

Photos by me.

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