Costume Writeups

Here, I'll be writing about why I chose to cosplay selected characters, as well as detailing the patterns, wigs, and makeup that goes into creating their look. Included are information on what went well and what went wrong and progress pictures. Want to see these before they go live on the site? Sponsor me on my Patreon account for as little as $1.00/month!


June 2019
Photo: Niho

Velvet Yukata

Tales of Berseria
May 2019
Robert Tate

Velvet Sailor

Tales of Berseria
April 2019
Joseph Fox Photography

Chichibu Rabura

March 2019
Greyroamer Photography

Velvet Orchestra

Tales of Berseria
February 2019
Photo: Blizzard Terrak

Kyanna (Lemon Cream)

January 2019
Photo: Cosfame


Skies of Arcadia
December 2018
Photo: Houkakyou


Virtue's Last Reward
Patron Exclusive
Photo: Madster Photography

Rokurou Summer DLC

Tales of Berseria
October 2018
Photo: Feytaline

Magilou Maid

Tales of Berseria
September 2018
Photo: Tomoyo

Velvet Anniversary

Tales of Berseria
August 2018
Photo: Niho


Bonus 2018
Photo: BlizzardTerrak

Judith Yukata

Tales of Vesperia
July 2018
Photo: JC Photos

Christmas Velvet

Tales of Berseria
June 2018
Photo: Eurobeat Kasumi

Velvet Crowe Wig

Tales of Berseria
Bonus 2018
Photo: Unlimited Crossroads


Zero Time Dilemma
May 2018
Photo: Grey Roamer Photography

Mira (Bloody)

Zero Time Dilemma
Bonus 2018
Photo: Notsoprophoto


Zero Time Dilemma
April 2018
Photo: Madster Cosplay and Photography

Lotus (Hazuki Kashiwabara)

999 / The Nonary Games
March 2018
Photo: Lionboogy (Lionel Lum)

Velvet Crowe

Tales of Berseria
Bonus 2018
Photo: Houkakyou

Cinder Fall

February 2018
Photo: Yenra


Tales of Zestiria
January 2018
Photo: CB Photography


Tales of Symphonia: DotNW
December 2017
Photo: Lionboogy (Lionel Lum)

Maid Milla

Tales of Xillia
November 2017
Photo: Notsoprophoto Photography


Tales of Xillia 2
October 2017
Photo: Burress Productions


Tales of Xillia 2
September 2017
Photo: Sometimes I Cosplay Photography

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